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"The Gods of today will be gone tomorrow, their sermons are hollow.
They cannot stay, they will not stay...
we'll remake their ghosts."

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The Liminal Stasis of Eternal Refuge occupies a transitional space between Arc 1 and Arc 2 of Archive of the Unbounded—it’s a step between the worlds that inspired our project. The covers “Still Alive” and “Wayfaring Stranger” hail from the games Mirror’s Edge and The Last of Us: Part II, respectively. We aimed to imbue these covers with New Origins qualities, while paying homage to the originals (or, in the case of “Wayfaring Stranger,” to the song’s storied history). The EP also includes two demo tracks from Arc 2 of Archive of the Unbounded, which are thematically intertwined with the covers they share an album with.

New Origins wanted to cross the boundaries of our project and live within the creative works of others. We believe this process helped us get closer to our own creative work; within this transitory album, we found a static refuge.

"We come with empty hands,
but with a desire to unbuild walls."
Ursula K. LeGuin, The Dispossessed 

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"I am noticing things: elegant, carved wooden designs, fractal patterns in etched glass, the placement of clear crystal upon the display. These things should not be relevant, not to me. Yet I am noticing, and … caring? They are not as I would choose. But … why would I choose at all?

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