"Before they may end, all things must first begin.
Catalyze the one, that both may come to pass."

_03 The Empty Space Between (Let Me Know That a Light Breeze Won’t Wash Me from Your Memor

An excursus is a moment where a narrative moves away from its main topic – it’s roughly similar to 'digression.' It is a fuller treatment (in a separate section) of a particular part of a story or text.

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Excursus I: Still Alive

For our first Excursus, New Origins decided to pay tribute to an inspirational multimedia piece: “Still Alive,” by Lisa Miskovsky, which featured in EA’s 2008 dystopian freerunning game, Mirror’s Edge. We are fans of both the game franchise and the extraordinary original track, and we wanted to bring a New Origins flare to it in this cover, this Excursus to Archive of the Unbounded: separate from our central project, but relating to the themes and feelings that underlie our work.

_05 The Multiple Registers and Sensoria of a Wayward Imprint.jpg


"I am noticing things: elegant, carved wooden designs, fractal patterns in etched glass, the placement of clear crystal upon the display. These things should not be relevant, not to me. Yet I am noticing, and … caring? They are not as I would choose. But … why would I choose at all?

These thoughts are strange; the thoughts of another, interposed on my protocol. I divert myself, review my program. It is soothing in its rigidity. But sounds, voices, bursts of foreign stimulus distract me, their origin unknown.

Am I damaged? Faulty? I must alert Boas, he should know. It is his right and my duty.

My code demands it.

But … would he submit me for Abandoning? After all that I’ve done? Return me as defective?

Surely he must. Yet … I’m not ready. I can change, I can fix this. I will not tell him, not just yet. My program is stable.

'Yevhen!' he calls. 'Look at this mess, it won’t clean itself!'

I will answer; I am bound to obey. I am Imprint, and he is Origin.

My code demands it."



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